The Differences Between 3G and 4G

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Our children have more complicated toys. Sometimes, an item sold in a toy store may not be a toy at all, Satellite TV, but rather a device that they will use throughout their modern life. Parents who wonder what the best options for tech toys for their child are may spend hours searching for one with the best features. Searching for one with the best features is a mistake. Search for suggest tech toys designed to survive the way a child uses them.

1. Netbooks. Toys R Us sells netbooks to consumers. The netbooks found in the toy store Read more…

Password Protection: How to Keep Passwords Safe

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We’ve all heard it. We should keep our passwords safe. Nonetheless, many of us are guilty of having passwords written down on scraps of paper or saved on our computers. We know it’s a dangerous practice, but credit card and identity theft won’t happen to us or so we tell ourselves.

The best defense against password thieves is to memorize your passwords. If you find this difficult to do, you may need to come up with passwords that are more meaningful to Read more…

To Kindle or not to Kindle?

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More and more avid readers all over the world are beginning to enjoy their favorite books and magazines in a new way: With an e-reader. With an e-reader, you have the opportunity to download your favorite books and magazines with just a few swift motions, and you don’t have to worry about heading to a local bookstore and waiting in line in order to purchase a copy of a book. E-readers are also great because they help people cut down on clutter, help reduce waste and make it easy Read more…

Data Backup Solutions: Making Data Backup Simple and Automatic

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Losing data to a computer crash can be a catastrophic incident. Years worth of documents, photos, videos and other files can be lost in a second. It is because of this that data backup solutions have become so popular.

Backing up computer files used to be a pain. The files had to be copied and then transferred over to either a disk or external hard drive, while the computer user waited for the transfer to complete Read more…

Managing Music: How to Keep Music Safe

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Music truly does make the world go round and while there will always be debates between one generation against the generation below them on their tastes, there is a very good chance that music will never ever die. Whether your tastes are with classical or rocking and rolling or even ridin’ dirty, for those true music afficienados, keeping their music safe and ready where ever they go is important.

Technology has not only greatly enhanced the musician and artist, Read more…

Smarter Smart Phones: How Smart is Too Smart?

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Since the inception of smartphones in 2007, these amazing little devices how revolutionized our lives in a multitude of ways. We no longer have to carry around 15 different electronic devices and our social networks are just a few thumb-clicks away. As awe-inspiring as smartphones are though, how smart is too smart?

Hundreds of millions of smartphones are sold each year and it seems almost everyone has become a slave to these devices. I’m no exception, I’ve become so reliant on my smart phone for daily tasks that I, like most of you, Read more…

Technology in Motion: New Developments in the Vehicle Industry

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While there are always multiple trends taking place in the automotive industry at any given time, the recent trends seem to revolve around fuel economy. The main emphasis in the last few years has been to reduce conventional fuel consumption.
The two main driving forces behind this focus are rising oil prices and the threat of increased pollution. Higher fuel costs are obviously going to force manufacturers to make more efficient automobiles, but the danger of Read more…

Get Back to Inventing

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Whether you use your clear wireless internet to check your email or file through spreadsheets you’re probably on the computer too much. Real inventors spend hoursinventing: here’s how to get back to it so one of your inventions can be featured on our site!
Make a Space: It’s important to have a designated area for inventing. Make it your basement, a home office or even a garage and be sure Read more…

Modern Pets: Technological Innovations for the Animals

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Heading into the future with new technologies, lets not forget about the pets. With so many gadgets and technologies that are out there to improve human lives, there must be some out there to improve the lives of pets. There are many new gadgets and technologies that are being developed for the not-to-be-forgotten loved ones in the family.

One such device that is being developed for man’s best friend is a GPS backpack that straps onto the back Read more…

Computerized Cooking: Kitchen Gadgets That Make Cooking Easier

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The days of wooden spoons and wire whisks are fading away, and the lastest trend in kitchenware are electronic kitchen gadgets. Computerized cooking is the wave of the future, and here are a few gadgets for the kitchen.

1) Meat Thermometer Fork

An electric meat thermometer fork is a must-have for any grilling enthusiast. Stick the two-pronged fork into your cut of meat and the temperature will display on the handle. Now you have no excuse to overcook those steaks!

2) Electric Evaporator

Evaporators will suck the juices out of any food through applying heat and pressure. The resulting condensation Read more…