Managing Music: How to Keep Music Safe

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Music truly does make the world go round and while there will always be debates between one generation against the generation below them on their tastes, there is a very good chance that music will never ever die. Whether your tastes are with classical or rocking and rolling or even ridin’ dirty, for those true music afficienados, keeping their music safe and ready where ever they go is important.

Technology has not only greatly enhanced the musician and artist, but the listener as well. This helps explain it more. From records to MP3s, listeners can enjoy their music from their cars or their smartphones. But as anyone who has ever scratched a record or CD, making sure that your music can live to pass down to friends or a family of your own can be tricky. How can a listener keep their music safe in this new technological age?

One of the best things is to digitize your current music library. This basically means making copies of your CDs and placing them on your computer’s hard drive. Depending on how much music you have, your hard drive will need to be able to handle the extra 5GB or more in addition to the amount of space needed to maintain the programs you use on a daily basis.

Another way is to use the new trend of cloud computing. Cloud computing essentially allows you to access your files, documents, music, and other items through servers that are based through the Internet and are ‘in the cloud’. Programs like mSpot or Google Music allow you to upload you music folder to their servers and then access your music from anywhere – the library, your friend’s house, and even your smartphone or tablet.

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